A back issue.

Hello – it’s blog time again.

Backs are a unique part of the body. I suppose all parts of the body are unique – hense doctors that specialize (read make more money than general doctors).

The back is made up of three areas; the cervical, the thoracic and the lumbar regions. My back has been a constant source of pain as long as I can remember – most notably the lumbar. The past week has been some of the most pain I’ve have felt in a long time.

It’s very hard for people to relate to the pain of others – it’s just the way we’re built. As much as I can try – I can’t for the life of me tell you what child birth pain is like – I can describe the child birth process. I was there – and had a pretty good view (if that’s something that can have a preety good view). But, no way could I try and relate to the pain my wife went through bringing our three kids to the land of the air. And likewise I accept no one to relate to the pain that I or any other sufferer of back pain, unless you suffer as well. It’s not like I could even say – it’s like a tooth ache – only more and nowhere near your mouth.

But I would like to convey what we’re feeling – not in a pain sense – but in all the other aspects of our life at the moment we’re being pounded with said back pain.

Firstly – helplessness – you feel completely helpless as the pain shreds your ability to move. If you happen to be moving – like doing up your shoes – that helpnessness is ever present as you try to deal with an instant inability to do anything. All you can do is try to minimize the pain and steady your body to ease the effects.

Secondly – hopelessness – you feel at the time of the prolonged pain that this is how you will spend the rest of your life. You wonder how you’ll be able to go to work, the arena to watch one of the kids play, etc. You truly have the feeling that this will be what you feel for the rest of your life, and

Lastly – a pain-cycle – because while you’re feeling this pain – you still have stuff to do that involves movement – simple things like taking a shower, going to the bathroom or getting into bed for sleep. Once the pain starts it’s a guess sometimes as to what will envoke the agonizing seconds of the back pain terrors. I’ll try and explain what it’s like for something as simple as sleep. Here goes. There are going to be moments in bed when you need (for comfort or to stop snoring so your wife can get to sleep) – when you need to turn on your side. It is at those precise moments that you spine feels as if it’s just going to break apart. As if your spine was one of those candied necklaces – and someone removed the string and tried to move the necklace. That’s what it feels like – it’s a sickening feeling.

Sitting at the computer right now is painful – it will be even more painful to get up and walk downstairs for dinner.

The pain will subside – it always has – it just takes – well time. I’ve been given a book by a good friend – Treat Your Own Back, by Robin McKenzie. I’m going to read it and try to apply it to my life and back. I’m also going to get back into shape. I had done a good job before the end of 2008 – but in the last three months – I’ve let myself down.

So – I plan on trying to fix this and not have the pain anymore. But I always know that the pain could be there, at any point and time. I’ll just try to be ready.