Comedy – retirement update

This blog entry is to come clean.

On March 9, 2012 I did my last spot – a great evening spent with some of the finest stand-ups this country has to offer. And somehow they also had room for me.

On April 3, 2013 – I did a spot at Absolute Comedy in Toronto.


I felt the itch – and I had to do something about it. Is that out of retirement? Does somebody say that Gretzky can’t lace up, or that Magic Johnson can’t drive the lane. Nope. But Mario Lemieux and Michael Jordan did come out of retirement – the main difference is that they got paid. So, on that technicality I’ll state that I am still retired. And you never know – maybe I’ll get the itch again. So far I’m good.

And in case anyone is asking – I did well. Far better than I thought I was going to do – although I went a little long.

Will I back back – I dunno – never say never.


One comment on “Comedy – retirement update

  1. denisgrignon says:

    You’ll be back, good sir. And you’ll be happy about that fact, too.

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