The Marketing of …

Computer technology truth Number 1 – if you can’t buy it – is dosen’t exist.

Computer technology truth Number 2 – if you can buy it – it’s out of date.

This was never more truthful than yesterday as SONY presented the PS4. Their new gaming console replacing the (gulp, it’s really been that long – crap I’m getting old) 7-year old PS3. Ultimately SONY presented air. How they were even allowed to get away with that is a testament to our content-based society.

We are so obsessed with content – we are willing to accept it in any form – even if it’s vapour-ware. And the PS4 is the king of vapour-ware. I would not be as upset if there was a box, a hint of what was to come. But nothing.

I know that all the big guys present products to come – Apple, Microsoft – hell it even happens at Auto Shows (with concept cars galore). But at least in all of those cases there is something tangible (even if it’s only tangible for our eyes, it’s at least something). Specs. That’s pretty much what we were offered. A piece of paper with numbers. The actual console won’t be available until later this year – even the date is vapour-ware. It’s like meeting a couple that says they are engaged and have no date for the wedding – guess what – you’re not engaged.

Guess what – there really isn’t a PS4.

There may be one in the future – but now there is not. So, thanks for the tease SONY – but until I see a machine and a delivery date you might as well nickname it Unicorn.


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