Agenda? What agenda?

Everything we do has some sort of finish, some end game that we are striving to achieve. Regardless of the vocation or activity.

Whether working out, eating better, attending workplace conferences or doing projects. There is a destination.

The problem with projects that involve many people is making sure that everyone is good in knowing the destination. The end game. What is the ultimate goal? Better sales, more visibility, higher profits, better skilled team – whatever. And if members are not clear on the result – or have a eye on a different prize (an individual end game per se) – the finish line might be tougher to get to than originally thought.

We all have to make decisions about paths we take for many different endeavours – family, work, finance, sports, etc. But we need to make those choices that we feel best serve the end game (collectively or as an individual). It’s when we make those choices without really thinking about the impact on the end game that can trip us up. Short-term gain kind of stuff.

So – first and foremost – we need to have destinations. And then we need to pick our path accordingly. Will it be straight and correct all the time? Hell no. But it’s the re-adjustment to set the route back on track that makes us better.

Here’s to aiming at the target we want.


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