Size does (not) matter

This Sunday, February 3, the greatest one-day TV event takes place – The Superbowl. The best of the NFC against the best from the AFC.

Everything about this game has gotten larger over the years. The hype. The price for commercials. The hype about the commercials. The fact that the pre-game show is already on – me thinks.

The one thing for sure that has changed is where people are watching the game on the big screen. For a long time people would make their way to a local drinking establishment and cheer on their newly adopted team to catch the game on the Big Screen. Over time, if you were lucky enough to have a rich friend, you may have made your way to their place for the game. A friend proudly displaying the lasted big screen technology (which was the same resolution as your crappy tv).

Oh my how the times have really changed.

How many people do you know that have a sub 50″ flat screen with hi-def and are jockeying to be invited to a buddy’s place to catch the game on a 70, 80 or the new big bad boy – a 90″ flat screen from Sharp. Try to imagine one of your living room walls as a tv.

So – the fact that almost everyone has equal (or better) technology than our friends and local bars, does not stop us from getting together. Regardless of the technology – we feel the need to spend time together – connecting in a real way. Regardless of the teams that are playing – especially this year. Yes, twitter and Facebook will be happening places – but it’s not the same as high-five’n after a touchdown, interception or a half-time show wardrobe malfunction.

Enjoy this weekend. Gather with friends (in person) and celebrate the single, most-hyped sporting event in the world.

Go San Fran!


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